Legislative Agenda

Formed in 1992, the Connecticut Alliance for Basic Human Needs (CABHN’s) network of over 2,500 people and organizations share a common goal of improving the lives of people in poverty by strengthening our public benefits programs, educating people about their legal rights and the community resources available to them, and improving policies to help families transition out of poverty and become economically secure.



  • HB 6901- Recoup some state costs attributable to low wage employers: Support
  • SB 336- Increase funding for homebound elderly nutrition programs (Meals on Wheels): Support
  • SB 774- Extend Temporary Family Assistance benefits to encourage employment: Support
  • SB 217- Restore funding for the Care for Kids program: Support
  • HB 7006- Restore oversight of the Care 4 Kids program to the Department of Social Services and allow the transfer of funds from the federal block grant program to the fund: change to section 16– limit transfer of TANF block grant funds so that TFA program is not further reduced
  • HB 6456- Increase the minimum fair wage to provide economic security to working Connecticut families: Support
  • HB 5912, HB 6127- Implement an excise tax on sugar sweetened beverages: Support
  • HB 5448- Move storage costs to evicted tenants: Oppose
  • HB 7030- An Act Protecting the Credit of Certain Utility Customers: Support


For more information or to get involved, please contact Paola Serrecchia, Director, 860.904.5431, pserrecchia@cabhn.org. To see what CABHN’s currently working on, visit our Facebook page.

Mission:  The Connecticut Alliance for Basic Human Needs (CABHN) is a statewide network of social service providers, advocates, faith based organizations, and individuals that care about issues affecting very low-income families and communities throughout Connecticut.  CABHN provides community education, supports advocacy efforts, promotes legislative policies, and elevates the voices of people in poverty.