What We Do

CABHN is in the communityat court, the Hartford Public Library, and local schools talking with people like Ana and Chris. Ana and her 18 month old became homeless after their apartment building was condemned. CABHN got the family into transitional short term housing so that Ana wouldn’t be homeless, or in a shelter separated from her husband. Chris is fighting to get the resources she needs to keep her severely disabled child at home with her. Because of Chris’s own limitations, she could not complete the applications or provide the documentation the State sought. CABHN worked with her to put together the information she needed to present to the State and keep her child.

CABHN empowers-through our community workshops, community organizing, and legislative advocacy. CABHN hosted a training at which Jennifer, a mental health service provider, learned how to change outdated, and ineffective laws so that her clients can receive services more efficiently. At a local elementary school, we trained parents how to advocate for their child’s Special Education needs. As a result, Paula was able to go into a school meeting and demand the services her child needed to succeed in school.

CABHN Collaborates-at our monthly CABHN meeting statewide service providers work together to address the needs of our poorest neighbors. Our weekly blog, and quarterly newsletter reach over 2,300 people and service providers.  Last month we convened people and providers to a meeting to voice concerns about the State’s contracted transportation provider for elderly and disabled people. The meeting resulted in several proposed solutions and CABHN is taking the lead in following up with all parties to ensure a good result.